Monday, December 22, 2008

Hey There!

OK, I gotta find something else to blog about, other than the fact that I am not really doing anything worth blogging about. I have been sick since Thanksgiving. I felt fine, I was just stuffy and a little tired, and the cold just kind of hung around in the background annoying the crap out of me. I thought I was over it, and then it rallied. I’m hoping to gain some ground and be back on top by Christmas.

Son#1 started wrestling again, so that means I pretty much have no life until March. Son#2 is learning to whistle. I hope I'm there when he learns to talk too, I want to see him whistle The Warden over to feed him.

The Warden has the same cold I do, and she has lost her voice. Can we say best Christmas present EVER?

Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Steady as she goes...

Sorry folks, not a lot of blog worthy stuff going on right now, just more of the usual “life” getting in the way of biking, but in a cool way this time.

First up, the Battle Axe (AKA Warden’s mom) is in town. This is a lot better than it sounds actually. First of all, since we flew her up here, it means I didn’t have to drive all the way down to Florida with a screaming 9 month old teething Critter. Second, with her here to distract the Warden, I’ve been getting away with all kinds of crap I don’t want to disclose until after she leaves.

Second up, Steve came up to for Son#1’s Birthday. Despite some crappy weather a good time was had by all. Steve was introduced to the ultimate culinary debauchery that is the Warden’s Ice Cream Cake, and reunited with the joys of Wayne’s Pizza. I've been eating this stuff since I popped my first tooth. When my Dad first moved to Arlington Heights, Illinois from Sapulpa, Oklahoma he lived a small apartment directly above a bar, and right across the street from Wayne’s Pizza. This was before marriage and kids and all that stuff, so it was just him, a bar and some pizza. Some forty odd years later, you can still see the gratitude beaming in his eyes when he gazes at my mother, gratitude for saving him from such a bleak, lonely existence. It is gratitude, I am telling you, straight up 100 percent pure gratitude.

So Son#1 got to chill with Uncle Steve, and I got to play some racquet ball. Well, I got run around the court trying not to break something until I dropped to the floor in a wheezing sweaty pile of middle aged chubbiness, Steve got to laugh a lot. Oh, there was some bowling in there too.

Holding steady at 194.2. Thank God we had to share that Ice Cream Cake with the rest of the family.

Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Almost forgot!

194.2 pounds this morning, that is down almost 5 pounds since I made my Thanksgiving resolution. Pretty cool. Ok, I'm feeling like a day old can of flat root beer tonight, just figured I owed you all an update, I said I would weigh in today.