Thursday, February 5, 2009

Hold on; let me put that lung back INSIDE my chest cavity…

I'm gonna paint that bike white and start calling it the iHurt.

I've been off the bike now for about a month trying to fight this cold I caught sometime back in oh, I don't know frick'n July. Ok, so maybe it was in November, but either way, I have about 3 healthy weeks since Thanksgiving. I put off going to the doctor as long as I could, because last time I went to the doctor for a cold I found out my liver was fat. What's next, a kidney, an obese pancreas? I'd rather not know. The Warden finally got tired of my whining, and Son#1 started complaining about me being sick and not being any fun, so I sucked it up and went in for a consult from modern medical science. End of story, he put me on enough antibiotics for two or three horses and I'm feeling better.

So I threw a leg over the top tube last night, and then had to get back off and go find my gloves, and then I had to get back off and go find the tire pump, and then my heart rate monitor, and then my…well you see the pattern. Steve would have punched me had he been there. What was supposed to be a quick trip down to the basement for a 27 minute sprint/power interval turned out to be a 50 minute excursion that involved a whole lot more stair climbing than I imagine the Spinerval people had intended. I was almost late getting Son#1 to wrestling practice. I spent the whole 4 mile drive to the school wiping the fog of the inside of my windshield and praying I wouldn't have to pull over and vomit.

So tonight I tried the time trial/anaerobic threshold interval. Out of 8 sets of 90 seconds on 90 seconds off, I hit 180 BPM on 7 of them. On the last one (a 3 minute rep) I actually pegged out at 192 BPM. By the second set I was hitting 180 20-30 seconds into the rep, and holding it for a good 40 seconds to a minute. The whole cool down was spent in full on vomit suppression mode.

Intervals tomorrow? I don't think so. I'm not that mad at myself. I might go for a run though, we'll see. I'll do something, just not another interval. The Warden is being cool enough to let me go snowboarding with Craig on Sunday. I've never tried it before, but I imagine the ability to actually bend at the knee will come in handy. I'll let the self abuse begin again in earnest after that adventure.

The weather is supposed to turn this week. It's been a brutal winter here in the Midwest. It is actually going to be above freezing tomorrow. That is sunscreen weather around these parts lately. The Warden is downstairs washing my Speedo for mr as I write this. I'm going for a ride this weekend, on pavement even. There is a "Super Secret Sale" at the LBS this weekend. I'm supposed to go get a new helmet, because mine is decomposing in small chunks all over the Chicago Cross Cup race courses, but I am thinking fenders instead. The only thing more uncomfortable then a wet butt on a bike, is a cold, clammy, just above freezing wet butt on a bike.

In other news, on Valentine's Day I get to go in for a blood draw so the doctor can see if my liver is still fat or not. I think it was in March when all this first came to a head, and I've lost about 70 pounds since then, so I'm pretty darn curious.