Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Luke 15:11-32

I once was lost, but now I am found, praise the lord hallelujah and all that stuff. Actually, ask anybody who has known me, or anybody who has spent more than 7 consecutive minutes with me, and they will tell you I have been lost more than once. And oh yeah, don't worry I am not getting all religious on you either, but truth be told, I have been lost more than usual the past few weeks, both on the road and off.

A few weeks ago The Warden started spouting off about "me time" and "compromises" and some whacked out "level and fair exchange among equals" new age mambajamba that would have given Steve and Joel hives. She had to speak up, so I could hear her over the screaming, red headed barnacle that has latched on to her leg. That's why I never stop moving when I am home. Anyway, it all just really confused the hell out of me, with all those syllables and propaganda and stuff. Plus she is kind of cute, and I get distracted easily; she saw me hesitate and went in for the kill and batted her eyes at me. Next thing you know, I can only come home from work and fly out the door on my bike on Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays. WTF? No big deal you suppose. A little quality time with the boys is in order, I did spawn them after all, but have you checked the weather here lately? We are in line for a record spring in the precipitation department. It has all fallen on a Monday, Wednesday, Friday. She has made good use of her time out though; she snagged a rough 24 miles on Saturday. Pretty sweet!

Then today I got lost on the road. Or at least I thought I was. It turns out I was exactly where I was supposed to be. The group ride headed out North east tonight. I almost never go that way. Between dodging potholes and trying not to lose the wheel in front of me I couldn't really pay attention to land marks and stuff like that. This is all complicated by the fact that even when I do pay attention to landmarks, I tend to forget them. Have I mentioned I am easily distracted? That is just a complication; the whole situation was exacerbated even more by the fact that I have this weird kink in my neck and shoulder that makes it somewhat painful to turn to the left. So, after I got dropped around mile six, I was just going off what I had heard being tossed around by the group. I stuck to those roads, but on the way back, I was on the opposite side of the road, and none of the route back looked even vaguely familiar. Actually, it all looked really familiar. Farm, gravel road….farm gravel road…rusted barbwire…gravel road…farm. I need GPS.

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Joel said...

That sucks....

Start commuting to work! Hehe!