Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Stupid Weather

I was hoping to squeeze in a 20-30 miler between severe weather watches tonight, but alas it wasn't meant to be. As it turns out fenders are more for protecting you from the rain after it has hit the ground and pooled already. They really don't do much to ease the stuff approaching you at about 30 mph, from the left, falling parallel to the ground. I have water in my ear. After I got blinded for the third time by the horizontal rain and blown into the curb, I decided to tuck my tail and head home. It was the longest 150 yards I had ever ridden. Oh well. The day wasn't a total loss though; my feet are still throbbing from my lunchtime run.

On other, non-weather related fronts, I lost my bid for son of the year today. Well technically I guess I lost on it Sunday, when I failed to even call my mom to wish her a Happy Birthday. It's a good thing I'm still her little baby boy, and so damned cute, or I might be in trouble. My poor older sister, she actually has to do stuff like send cards, and call occasionally, not this charmer.

I did actually get on the scale this morning as promised. 209.2 Burrito's.


gabby1 said...

The weather is not cooperating - I had hoped to ride to Kirkland Saturday but apparently that's not happening. Too flipping cold!

You definately ruined your chances for son of the year! If it makes you feel any better I talked to my mom twice on her birthday and then realized it was her birthday and had to make a 3rd call to tell her Happy Birthday - my excuse - I was in the process of moving and hadn't looked at a calendar!

Anonymous said...

Just sent you a text.meeting at Tobie's 8 oclock for some night mileage if your interested.