Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Just checking in...

It has been brought to my attention that I have not updated in a while. Sorry folks, but when it comes to rolling around on the floor for a bit with this guy

or fielding questions for an hour or two from this guy

while we cruise the local bike paths looking for puddles to ride through, something has to give. Until I can free up some time it is the blog that is getting pushed aside. Hopefully the weather will break soon, and I’ll score about an extra hour and a half a day not looking for full fingered gloves and 3 biking jerseys to layer up for the wind.

I haven’t been slacking though, I’ve been getting some saddle time. As of this morning I now weigh in at 202.4 burritos.

Today’s soul sucking 20+mph wind was brought to you from the fine folks of Dubuque, IA, you could almost smell the meat packing plant. Or was one of my layers festering? Either way, the wind, straight out of the west, sucked. I ate too much, too soon after my ride, or I rode too hard, I am going so sign off and crawl upstairs to my bed and try not to vomit. Later folks.

Oh yeah, what's the word Eric?


Anonymous said...

if i had two of the handsomest little boys ever, i wouldn't blog either. excuse accepted!

Anonymous said...

ok. long enough. where art thou, blog master???