Saturday, May 17, 2008

My Liver

My liver is fat. I got so lazy I have an obese internal organ. There are pictures of it in a file somewhere at the clinic down the street, only discernible as a human liver to the local radiologist. It is an ultrasound, like the one the pregnant lady at work brings in and points to stuff- “This is babies hand, this is his foot…This is his you know, thing that makes him a him.” Except mine is of my liver- “This is one lobe, this is another, that’s the real fat one, see the rolls, watch it jiggle when we poke it.”

So anyway, it is well past time to get moving again. I’ve been back on my feet since Early April, and now that the weather is clearing up, I’m back on a bike. It is about the only form of exercise I honestly really enjoy. I occasionally get bogged down in all the technical crap. I let Joel muddle my mind with heart rates and pyramids and stuff, and get pissed off when the pack drops me, on mile 6 of a 30 mile ride, but all in all I have fun on my bike.

It’s been over 24 hours since my last ride. My bike was geared a little low for the group I was with, so my legs are fried. I still can’t walk down stairs. Just sitting here it feels like my femurs are glowing red hot. Tomorrow my quads will be so stiff I can’t walk, and every time I yawn my hamstrings and calf muscles will cramp up so bad I can’t stand on them. Life is getting good again.


Chasity said...

I loved the Jello imagery.

Jafael said...

You finally made good on your threat to create one of these!

durtdemon said...

Fat ass liver.

Alles said...

Eyeopening and encouraging at the same time.