Monday, May 19, 2008


So far, it’s been a judgment call. Do I blog, or do I actually go out and do something worth blogging about? My legs are so scorched after tonight’s ride I don’t think I could stand at this point if I wanted to, so I might as well sit at the keyboard and see what comes out.

Joel said I need to start intervals to get back into shape fast, so intervals it was. Judging from the fact I threw up in my mouth a few times, I think I’m doing the intervals right. Going off the fact that I almost had to chew some of it to get it back down, I need to rethink my hydration/nutrition strategy.

It’s hopefully going to be like this the rest of the summer, and well into fall, maybe even winter if I can help it. Two summers ago I lost about 70 lbs trying to keep up with Joel and a whole bunch of other riders who were either younger and more fit than me, or older and more fit than me. Pretty much everybody in the area that owned a bike was more fit than me. It was great. Towards the fall I think I got a little burnt out. I got off the bike and didn’t get back on till a few weeks ago. After I got off the bike it got a little easier to let the diet slide. Then my wife got pregnant. The hormones went straight to her head. She tied me up in the basement and force fed me Bon-Bons. She water boarded me with Hershey’s chocolate syrup and liquid margarine for 9 Months. I put on a pound or two. A day.

I’d love to be lean and fast again. OK, I mean I’d love to be lean again, I was never fast, but it could happen. But, the universe seeks balance, and so do I. I know I can lose the weight, and I know if I trained right, I could actually hold my own in a year or two on the bike. I’m just looking for a way to balance it this time, and make it permanent.

Sorry, I didn’t mean to get all deep and inner child-y on you. I initially had a entry comparing my biking gloves to an old truck stop hooker, you know the shifted broken down padding, lose and worn where it should be tight, the smell of stale sweaty mildewy leather, oil based lubricants, and all that road grit, but my wife thought that might be a little too distasteful.


Jafael said...

Glad to know you listen to your wife!

And ewww!

And you'll get back in shape. It's inevitable!

durtdemon said...

Id rather hear about the hooker....but thats just me.