Monday, October 13, 2008

Back to the basics

Weight: 199.2
Delta M: +too much
Mileage: Up for debate
October Mileage: Anybody’s guess

OK, I’ve been slack’n, slack’n on the blog, slack’n on the training, and slack’n on the diet. At one point, after the race last week, I was down to 192. I had planned upping my training so I didn’t feel too bad about upping the caloric intake, except I never really upped the training. I would blame it on The Warden, or Son#1, but they are both fully capable of defending themselves and shooting holes in my logic, so this whole ugly situation all resides on the shoulders of Son#2 and my dog. It is their fault. I had nothing to do with it. It had absolutely nothing to do with my unchecked consumption of pretzels, pizza, root beer, steak tacos, cheese burgers, and cream soda. Lounging lazily in Craig’s boat, or snoring on his couch most of the weekend was not a factor. So anyway, it’s back to basics, back to my blog, it keeps me honest. Back to the bike, and back to no eating like a gluttonous fat pig sitting down to his last supper on death row. Don’t get me wrong, I haven’t been sitting on my ass, I’ve been walking a bit, when I can get away from work for a real live lunch hour, and I have been hitting the trainer and running, just not enough.

The race in Carpentersville this coming Sunday is looking like a real strong maybe, if not there is Bartlett the week after for sure, and St Charles on the 2nd, my birthday, I’ll probably do that one for sure. The thing is, I’m gonna get another race or two in this season. I’d like to shoot for more, but we are coming up on a steady stream of family birthdays and Holidays that could draw a load on Warren Buffet’s budget, so I gotta be picky. Let’s not even talk about the quest for a real live geared CX bike. Man, you start looking for a 4rth bike on line, and mutter the phrase pawn shop, and suddenly everything we own in the house is a family heirloom. Whatever. Do we really need the box spring? The mattress on the floor did us fine for the first 10 years? And what’s with all this silverware? Do we need a spoon and a knife and a fork, for EVERY person at the table? Son#1 can’t even touch the sharp knives yet, and Son#2 could eat a 3 course meal with a straw. The Warden is the only one who really uses utensils. Eating with your hands is the environmentally responsible thing to do anyway.

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Joel said...

2 years ago.....what happened at "holiday time"?