Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Forgive me Father for I have...

Weight: 195.8
Delta M: -3.4
Mileag: Uhhh…
October Mileage: PFFFFFFFFFFT

I knew I could count on you Joel, the only real question was would Steve possibly chime in first?

Two summers ago, I managed to whittle myself from about 240 down to 180. Towards the end of August I started to fade. By Christmas I was up to 210 again, by spring 230. Joel was dropping subtle hints this whole time, little clues “Dude, you are getting fat again, like really fat, quit stuffing yourself and get back on the bike.” I paid him no heed. Then I knocked up the Warden again and put on another 30 lbs in sympathy weight (I am supportive like that) by the time Critter took his first real breath and started crying in the delivery room, on Valentine’s Day. He actually just stopped crying about 20 minutes ago. Don’t laugh, I am not kidding. Seriously, it’s a stressor. That pretty much brings us up to speed. Shortly after Critter was born I went to the doctor with a cold and was told to see a specialist about my high blood pressure. A few weeks later they were taking pictures of my liver and Insert Witty Creative Blog Title Here was born. Steve actually came up with the title by the way, I embellished it a little, but he deserves most of the credit.

I am not so worried about it this time around. For one thing, I began slacking that first time back in August. It’s October already and I am still chugging along. I have stumbled a few times this time around, but they were just stumbles. Two years ago I was just looking for any excuse I could find to quit. Before I was relying on an extremely strict diet, and biking. I have learned a little more about nutrition the past year, my diet is a little loser, I still limit the calories, but my diet is much more varied. Instead of biking only, I am trying to mix up the exercise a little. I am starting to run, and work on my core strength as well.

On top of all that, this CX thing has bitten pretty hard. It is hard to explain, I’ve only done one race, and I count myself lucky that I finished, and I know the next one I ride I have a pretty good chance of coming in last, but I want to get out there again. I want to see if I can finish further up the pack. I pushed it on that last race, I think I can push a little harder on the next. Maybe I can, maybe I can’t, but I am dying to get out there and try.

No real mileage to speak of today. I did the “Power/Sprint” Spinerval this morning, walked during lunch, and ran for about 35 minutes and did some push-ups and sit-ups while Son#1 was at the park after work.

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