Saturday, October 4, 2008

I tried...

I was at the shop with my mom today and tried convincing her to buy me a thousand dollar cyclocross bike. It was a Bianchi, with gears and everything, but she wasn't having it, even after I pointed out how close it was to my birthday, and how much money I was saving her by picking the one that was on sale. Oh well, Christmas is coming up and I liked the Specialized one better anyway.

I got ahold of a 20 tooth freewheel today, and last night I watched a 1 minute and 40 second Youtube video on clearing the hurdles, so I’m going to totally dominate for sure tomorrow.

Mad props to my sister, she is running a marathon in Portland, Oregon tomorrow. It is amazing what some people will do to get away from their 3 kids for a few hours. Just kidding, she is just weird. Marathon runners are insane. I ran for 45 minutes Thursday, it hurt like hell and I am still feeling it. Last time she ran a marathon she got home and found out she was pregnant. I hope her and my Bro-in-law thought this through. I sure love my nieces and nephew, but man, they can tire a person out, I don't know if I could handle a fourth. My sister is few years older than me, she was the good kid. She has always set a pretty good example, but I'm just a little late following it. A big part of the reason I started cleaning my act up so to speak was because her expressed concern and advice finally started getting through my thick skull. That is a pretty good testament to her determination in the matter right there. Anyway, good luck Gayle, everybody over here is very proud of you.

Well, the big race is tomorrow, gotta go get my bike put together, later folks.

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Chas said...

The boys and I will be there cheering you on. I'll be the one behind the digital camera. Good luck. From the videos you made me watch last night, it almost looks like fun.