Thursday, November 13, 2008

I hope this works....

Today is the Warden’s Birthday. Can we say “conjugal visit?”


Love you Babe, Happy Birthday!


Chas said...

Looking for a Conjugal visit huh? I highly recommend the following:

1. Find yourself a female pen pal of questionable mental stability.

2. Assure her of both your innocence and your loyalty.

3. Hope she doesn't SHANK YOU the moment your back is turned.

Good luck with that :)

Erik said...

Your wife said,"shank." Awesome. My wife is planning home improvement projects. How about clearing enough room in the basement for the trainer and getting a TV down there. That's home improvement!

Erik said...

And happy birthday wishes.

Joel said...

hey douche nozzle...where's the latest race report?!?