Monday, November 24, 2008

I'd Like To Thank the Acadmey...

Now that I am 95% percent sure I have ridden my last race of the season I think some thanks are in order.

First up, Joel. If I thought for one second that he would ever shut up if I wussed out of that first Dekalb race, I wouldn’t have even really considered signing up. Of course after that it became more of a question of how many more of these races will the Warden let me get away with. I’m not sure if he pressured me into it out of some sick fascination out of seeing me twitch and cry, or if he knew I would have so much fun, either way I’m glad he did it.

After this season, I am half tempted to change the Warden’s name to Parole Officer. I kept expecting to hear “Ok, but this is the last one…” every time I asked mentioned the next race, but it never came. Rain or shine, warm or cold, she ran around the house all morning gathering gloves and hats and cowbells and herded us all into the minivan. You think it doesn’t get cooler than that? You are wrong. Just when I thought she was going to snap and tear into me and tell me to grow up and drop the whole Cutter routine she pipes up, “Can we get there early one of these races so we can watch the women race?” Oh, I don’t know about that Sweety, I suppose we could, if we really have to. I kid you not; she actually got us up early and herded us out into the cold to watch the women’s race. What did I do to deserve this? Of course, now that I think about it her willing, dare I say entusiastic participation may have had something to do with all the guys hanging around in lycra.

Oh yeah, Thanks to Mom, Jesse & David & brood, and to Mike and Jen for coming out to see us, it was great seeing you all.

Since I am 95% sure this was my last race of the season it is time to shift gears. I need to get the single speed set back up for road riding, and not only try not to get fat again this winter, but try and lose a little more weight. I’ve been stalled out in the 190’s for too long. So three days before Thanksgiving I am vowing to actually lose weight over the week. I am not saying it will be a huge number, but there will be weight loss I tell you. This morning the scale said 199 even, stupid steak tacos. Next Tuesday, that number will be smaller.


Chas said...

For the record, there's only room for one "skintight man" in my life. However, I did get mooned by a man in a kilt at one of your races. An event like that can scar you for life.

Erik said...

Rock on. Congratulations on a successful cross season.

durtdemon said...

If she was REALLY cool...youd have a new bike :)