Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Just An Observation

Weight: 197.4
Delta M: -1.6

So I was at the shop today and got a wild hair up my ass and threw my bike up on the scale-21 lbs. Now that is hardly anorexic for a bike, but it isn’t that heavy for an entry level cross bike either. For some reason, I was thinking the bike was heavier, like another 5 lbs heavier, which would put it in Clydesdale status, just like its rider. I’ve been operating under the premise that if I could shave 10 lbs off my bike next season, and 30 lbs off my ass, I might finish in the front half of the field once in a while next season.

Like The Man says, It’s Not About the Bike. The bike is so not a factor, at least not for me, not yet. I always thought I knew that, but seeing that bike weigh in a good 5lbs lighter than I thought it would changed that a little bit. The wind has not been taken out of my sails, it just a shifted a little. It’s time to change tack, prepare to come about.

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