Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Which numbers Joel, WHICH NUMBERS?!?!?!?!

I was wondering how long I could go before Joel started demanding numbers. Well which numbers do you want, the number of times I ate at McDonalds, or the number of times I ate at Burger King? Perhaps the number of Double Stuffed Oreos I consumed? Do you want the number of times I thought about getting up early to work out, but the idea of kicking a leg over the trainer made me throw up a little in my mouth, so I hit snooze and slept in till almost noon?

I took almost 2 weeks off of work and didn't do much of anything. I slept in, I gorged, I did nothing unless I absolutely had to do it. So yeah, if you think I am getting back on the scale for another week or two, you're on crack. Call me weak, call it head in the hole denial, I don't care. My delicate male ego is not prepared to confront the scale at this point.

The good news is my backslide just reinforced a lot of the reasons I started trying to clean up my act in the first place. It didn't take long before everything came back, the wheezing, the insomnia, the heartburn, the feeling that if I did actually get up and exert myself I would sweat high fructose corn syrup. I woke up Monday morning with fresh resolve and went for a little run before work. Then i woke up again Tuesday morning with the same resolve, but legs that couldn't bend at the knee they were so stiff and sore. Everybody at work noticed too, i was back to shuffling around the office like I have arthritis, whining every time I had to get out of my chair.

The Warden is back on the wagon too. She has been hitting the stationary bike and tonight instituted Family Yoga Night. Yeah, I know, Family Yoga Night, WTF!?!?!?!?! Don't knock it till you try it. I had to lose like 5 lbs of sweat/residual high fructose corn syrup in one 30 minute session. The little guy loved it too. He is all about keeping the family team together, and it was a good change for him to have Mom and Dad exercising right there next to him instead of yelling from the sidelines. He dug it. He wants to get his own yoga mat and everything.

Sorry, tried to warn you. I don't normally lift photos off my wife's blog, but that one was too cute to pass up.


Jafael said...

That really is the cutest pic ever!!

Are you going to hate me if I tell you that I only gained four pounds since Dec 18, and I've lost 3.5 of that already? I would call this a miracle, but I worked hard for it, so I'm just gonna brag a little!

Mrs. Dr. Dave said...

Soooooo cute! I gained 9 lbs in 4 weeks but I'm pregnant so that's my excuse. Still 9lbs?! I've been hitting it hard for the last 9 days so hopefully I will hold steady for a while before I climb upwards on the scale again. BTW - This is Jennifer (Baum) Knudtson. Happy New Year!

joel said...


So, santa didn't bring you any brass or backbone for Christmas this year? That bastard!

Sometimes I wish I lived next door to you .... it would be game one 24/7.