Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Do not try this at home kids...

Weight: 206.2
Delta M: -1.2
Mileage: 27
September Mileage: 85

According to various online logs and calculators, between my food intake, my easy spin this morning, and my walk during lunch, I rolled out of the house for the Wednesday group ride with about a 180 calorie deficit for the day. That deficit just covered intake and output, it did not consider basic metabolic functions, or things like breathing.

At first I thought it was pretty bad ass, a stoic example of my renewed dedication to purpose. I grabbed my bike, turned towards the door and even felt skinny. Being all cool and cavalier I flippantly mentioned to Chas it was either really cool, or really stupid, that we would see.

Well, I saw. I saw the other riders disappear over a couple of rollers right around mile 13.

I got dropped, quick, hard and painful like. Even down hills felt like up hills, and it will take some pretty hardcore intense therapy before I can talk about the up hills. It was just me, Brian, Mike and Drew, so I would have been dropped eventually anyway, but did it have to hurt that much, or happen so soon?

Luckily Mike had to turn around early so he could get his daughter to band practice, so I had company on the ride home. Brian and Drew kept going, I think the plan was to head to Burlington, a little too rich for my taste tonight.

Mike took a quick shot of me with his cell phone before we parted ways on Tenth St.

Yeah, I realize that is a caboose, I use to be a conductor. This where the witty part of my blog title comes into play. Of course that caboose is looking about how I feel at this point.

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