Thursday, September 4, 2008

Son#1 better turn out really smart!

Weight: 203.0
Delta M: -3
Mileage: Zilch
September Mileage: 85

No ride tonight, stupid open house, stupid school, stupid new age parenting crap! My dad didn’t even know what grade I was in half the time. One morning he had to drive me to school. I fell asleep in the car and when he woke me up and told me we were there, we were at the wrong school. He never had to go to an open house and I turned out just fine, although he did have to go to more than one parent/teacher/principal/student conference. That was never good. Anyway, who the hell plans an open house on the night of the NFL season opener? That’s just wrong.

I did do an easy spin on the trainer this morning, and walked during lunch, but I was hoping to squeeze in another ride of some sort tonight.

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Ben said...

Ha! I am going through the exact same thing! Stupid, stupid new age parenting crap indeed.

Just don't say it aloud or you'll be stoned at the gate. Or hung at dawn. Or something.