Thursday, September 11, 2008

Lateral Drift.

Weight: 198.2
Delta M: -2.2
Mileage: Up for debate
September Mileage: 109

Despite a lack of real miles, I have been working pretty hard, to the point where I am somewhat surprised I haven’t lost more weight than I have. The weight was flying off me right up until Saturday, when I crossed the 200 threshold, and then it kind of stalled out. Probably just a minor plateau, a nice hard ride should bust me through it. The problem is finding that ride, whenever the weather is cooperating something comes up, like soccer practice or a ride promised to 6 year old. Oh well, I’ve still found ways to get some work outs in, like running around the park while he plays with his friends, or doing laps around the soccer fields while he was at practice. I’ve also been hitting the trainer in the mornings and doing my lunch time walks. It’s not the group ride, but my legs are still sore when I’m done, so it’s got to be doing something for me.

Saturday I got to make beer with a friend from work. That was pretty cool. I suppose it would be cooler if I actually drank beer. Actually, I’m probably lucky I don’t like it, because it was fun to make, and I could see me getting way to into it. Other than that, there is not a whole lot going on here. Craig and Julie are in Hawaii right now, and I get to feed their fish. Yeah, you’re all jealous, I know.

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