Monday, September 22, 2008

Game On!

Apparently my cross skilz are a little rusty, and by a little rusty, I mean completely nonexistent. Saturday I met with Tobie, Aaron, and some other people new to me for a cross practice at the park. Son#1 had team pictures and a soccer game, so I was operating under a time constraint. I basically had time for a lap around the park, a quick rundown on how to get over the barriers by Aaron, and a few hops over them by myself, and then I had to scoot. In retrospect, maybe I should have gotten my lessons from somebody who didn’t break his collar bone on the first lap of his first cross race.

Actually, Aaron didn’t bust my chops nears as much as Joel or Steve would have had they been there, and barely laughed at all when I nutted myself on the nose of my saddle. I missed my cleat hopping back on the bike. They eventually took off for another lap after we broke out the barriers, and I did a few more rounds solo. I almost biffed once when my toe came over on the cranks and kicked my front tire. I managed to pull some muscles in my neck and upper back shoulder area staying upright on that maneuver, so I’ve been walking around like Batman since Saturday morning. Things loosened up a bit after a ride Sunday, and I’m doing better today, so I don’t think I did any permanent damage, but it still hurts to look to the left. This off season I am definitely going to work on my flexibility and do some core strength training, some of that probably would have gone a long way to prevent this sort of injury. Not falling off your bike should not hurt this much.

Although brief, it was fun. It will probably be more fun once I swap out my semi slick tires and get a lower ratio going on the drive train. I bought an 18 tooth freewheel and have my original 42 tooth chain ring and the stock cross tires that came on the bike. That’s about all I can manage to upgrade/change for now, so my first cross race will be on a single speed cross bike spec’d out with some of the heaviest components known to man. That along with the 40 pounds of extra weight I am carrying in the form of ass should make for an epic first race. Good times will be had by all.


gabby1 said...

When is this race? I must come and watch! Plus the boys would love it.
After reading your graphic description of hurting yourself I have to say ---It's good to be a girl!

Good luck in the race!!

durtdemon said...

Sounds like a blast. Wish I could be there!!

Joel said...

That kind of brings a tear to my eye.

I think that Tyler (your carbon giant bike) struggled way more than you. Ask Aaron about the first time we took him to Hopkins.

Joel said...

Oh yeah, good luck on the 5th ....and keep practicing. Barriers get easier with practice and way harder when your tired!