Tuesday, September 2, 2008

I'm Back

Weight: 207.4
Delta M: 3.2
Mileage: 13.4 (Single Speed)
September Mileage: 58

Chas and I have formally boycotted any future gatherings having anything to do with, or even in the proximity of food, or at least the good kind of food anyway, you know, the stuff dripping with fat and oozing over with flavor. If everybody wants to gather around a plate of freshly steamed tree bark or something, I suppose we could make an appearance. I’m going to have Eric draft up some formal legal documents for us, and use lots of big lawyer words like habius potroastas and carpe bratwurst. I’ll make sure he uses lots of comas and italics and stuff too.

Son#1 guilted me in to taking him to the park so I had to cut the ride short this afternoon, but it was ungodly hot out so it didn’t take all that much guilting on his part. Truth be told I was half tempted to hit the trainer with a nice fan and some AC action down in the basement, but then I had a vision of me throwing up in mid January because I had already watched every DVD we own 6 times on the trainer while the temperature creeps up to 3 degrees above zero in January, and kicking myself because one day in September I thought it was too hot to ride outside. Besides, the Warden loves it when I glisten, MEEEEEEEEEEOWW!!!!!


joel said...

Gross....no more meeeooooww-ing.

Get yor a$$ in cyclocross shape...have you seen the size of the cross cup schedule...dang!


Erik said...

I'll have it drawn up just as soon as survive this weekend's family foodfest, I mean my cousin's wedding. I'm so screwed.

Joel said...

You guys have no will power .... want to borrow my back bone for a weekend?

Erik said...


Johnny said...

Ouch indeed. Don't worry Eric, he is not quite as stoic as he would like you to belive. Although far more diciplined than me, if you mention Oreos at the end of a ride he'll tellyou to shut up and then start drooling. I've seen it happen.