Monday, June 9, 2008

Conversational Skills

Weight: 230.8
Delta M: +4.8 ( You have no idea how hard it was to post that!)
Mileage: 24.1 (42x16 Single Speed)
June Mileage: 76.1

I just can't explain the weight gain. I mean I switched to vodka and cranberry juice. Vodka is derived from potatoes or some grain of some sort I'm sure, and cranberry juice is so good for you you damn near need a prescription to get it . I've read studies where it's been proven it's going to reverse global warming, resolve all those conflicts in Africa, and bring the cost of oil down to $38.00 a barrel, next Monday. I wonder if the chicken Alfredo had something to do with it? Or perhaps the mostacolli, maybe even the biscuits and gravy? Possibly even last nights gyro and chocolate shake? So many variables, it's a mystery to modern science I tell you. They'll come up with that universal Unification thingy before they solve this riddle. I should travel with a self packed feed bag, and never allow myself to eat anything I don't pull out of the feed bag.

Aside from getting back on track with the diet, I've made some minor changes. I'm replacing some of the fruit I usually gorge on for breakfast with some oatmeal and cottage cheese. Sounds delicious I know, but everybody could use a little more cholesterol absorbing fiber in their diet, and the cottage cheese is a good source of lean protein. My coworkers were complaining about me grilling those chickens at my cubicle. The whole smoke alarm sprinkler system thing proved to be a tad too disruptive. Whatever.

I had a nice ride this afternoon. This morning I had every intention of doing some intervals after work, but my legs were still a little stiff from Fridays ride, so based on some advice I opted to change my ride to an easy, long spin. I broke out my cross bike, currently set up with a 42x16 ratio on the freewheel side of the hub. But then as I passed the bike shop I ran into a friend who was waiting on a group ride that nobody else showed up for. She had already run 10 miles that morning, and she was on her new Orbea, so I figured we'd probably pace each other well. We rolled out for Waterman, and we were both a little shocked on how fast RT 30 came up on us. Normally that ride is a torture test to ride by yourself, especially if you are just out for an easy spin. It's not hilly or anything, just boring, and monotonous. Around here if the wind is out of the south, here, you ride to Waterman. Unfortunately in the summer, the wind is always out of the south. It was nice having somebody to talk to. The ride back wasn't as easy as the ride there. You can't take advantage of a tailwind on a single speed like you can on a geared bike. It definitely helps a little, but before too long you end up spinning out. Towards the end maintaining about 15 mph and a conversation became somewhat of an effort, but it was too nice to have somebody to talk to to let up.


Erik said...

I've come to the conclusion that the weight gain actually comes from your body just f'n' with you. You work out and gain weight. It might have something to do with coming home after a long ride and justifiably inhaling the contents of the refrigerator then going out to buy a loaf of bread and peanut butter. But, I don't think so.

Johnny said...

Since being told by the doctor to watch the salt intake because of my blood pressure, I've noticed it has a lot to do with daily weight. I can pedal my ass off for 3 hours, and knock it down to 700 calories that day, but if I got those calories from salty fries or pizza, I'll gain a pound. As long as I keep my salt intake fairly realistic, try to get more potasium to balance the sodium out, and I exercise, I lose the weight.