Wednesday, June 4, 2008


Weight: 226.0
Delta M: -1
Mileage: 14.8 (Road Bike)
June Mileage: 25.2

No huge fitness milestones today, I just got out and rode a bit. I stopped at the shop to see if they could figure out why my bike won’t shift into the outer ring ever since they replaced what we initially thought was a bent chain ring. Turns out my crank arm spider thingy watchimahoozit is bent. They did get it working again, kind of, but I think its temporary and the only way I’ll get it back to full working order will be to replace the watchimahoozit. I’m sure that ain’t cheap. I ended up blowing most of my ride time there at the shop, once finally on the road I realized my time was limited due to the setting sun and the lack of lights on my road bike, so I decided to shorten the mileage and bump up the intensity.

I should have been doing intervals or some crap like that, but I was just happy to be outside, on a bike, and healthy enough to push it a little. The weather was perfect, a slight south wind, just hot enough to be a little muggy, and the setting sun was taking occasional peaks through some light rain clouds just starting to bloom into thunder heads. Sounds goofy, but crap like this is why I love to ride so much. I got out to mile 8 and hit my turn around point. This is my favorite part of every out and back. As I start to hit about 12 mph or so, the ride shifts a little past recreational. The wind picks up in my ears, and I start to get the mild impression of speed. Right about 15 mph, I start to breathe a little heavier. Between 18 mph and 20mph all there is for me is wind loud in my ears and me breathing starting to come real hard. Then I turn around, I slow down and the wind is gone and I hear the birds, tons of birds in the cornfields, and I feel my skin temperature surge, then notice the crosswind as I cross perpendicular to the double yellow line. It's not the drag from effort, just a breeze, but I notice it anyway, that and the distant rumble of thunder to the south. So simple, but good times, the best times actually.

Tomorrow is supposed to be hot, like really hot, and muggy. That’s some good training weather there. Tomorrow’s ride will be painful.

In other news, I am no longer a “kept”man, the Wife’s last day of work was today. She’s staying home to raise our brood full time. We got a system now. I snap my fingers once, she brings me food, I snap them twice, she cleans something, I snap them 3 times and she…well, let’s just say you won’t be reading about any of that over on her mommy blog.


Chas said...

That system of yours will work just fine. Of course, it may be a little teeny bit difficult to snap with broken fingers...

Because casts aren't designed for their acoustic capabilities. :)

Erik said...

Nice. Too bad about the whatchamahoozitacallit. My plan is to do my 10 miles of hills ride for lunch today. We'll see if it happens. Cinci, being a river town, affords great opportunities to dive down into the valley, climb back up, then do it again. And again. And again. Its not supposed to hit 90+ degrees until 4ish, so I'm going to try to roll earlier if possible.

joel said...

Man, that sounds sick! Not sure if that's in the training diet....gross!
"3 cheese, mustard and oregano sandwich Bonehead had to make himself for dinner tonight"

Johnny said...

Ummmmmm yeah, not the finest example of culinary creativity on my part. All I know was I was done riding, and hngry, and if I didn't get food in the house, I would have ended up calling in for Tom & Jerry's. It was about as apetizing as it sounds.