Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Needs a Little Ketchup...

Weight: 224.8
Delta M: O
Mileage: 32(Road Bike)
June Mileage: 245.2

Just ask my friends Craig and Julie, I just love me some ketchup. The other day I was coming home from a 20 miler and smelled somebody else’s grill cooking up something that smelled gooooooood! Normally this gets me all bent out of shape, but I knew Chas was picking up some burgers and I would be doing some grilling of my own very soon. After a few minutes, it dawned on me that I was looking forward to the ketchup probably as much as I was the burger smothered in gooey melted cheese. It’s warped I understand, but what can I say, I like ketchup. I think it comes from being on a submarine. Once you got about 60 days into a 90+ day patrol around the north Pacific, everything tasted like stale nasty submarine food, except ketchup for some mysterious reason. The last week of a patrol, or “no mores” as we used to call it, I was putting it on everything just to choke some food down. Mashed potatoes, three bean salad, grilled cheese, you name it, if it crossed my lips it was smothered in ketchup. At one point on my last patrol I swore if we got extended I was gonna start putting it in my Coke or the occasional hot chocolate I used to have. Yeah, it was that bad. For the most part, I’m glad I got out of the navy when I did. I still occasionally miss some of the friends I made and the camaraderie and all that stuff, but I don’t have to miss ketchup, I find something to put it on at least twice a week.

So, I rode 14.7 miles on Sunday, another 4.2 on Monday, and 32 miles with the group today, which brings my grand total up to 245.2 for the month. The weight isn’t nearly so complicated. I haven’t lost a damn pound. In years. Ok, so maybe in a few weeks. I mean I’ve gained a few, lost a few and all that, but I’ve been hovering around 224 for a while now. It’s getting old. It has become my least favorite number. I ate like a pig today trying to replenish some of what I lost getting sick. I threw in a couple of kiwis, some extra servings of apricots, and a bowl of cantaloupe, as well as two small Gatorades, 1 just before and 1 just after the ride. Tomorrow the diet will not be as calorically dense. I’ve got one week of solid riding before me and kid number one head to St. Louis to do a river float with Steve. I’m curious to see how much weight I can lose with moderate diet control and a solid week of decent riding. If I can stay healthy more than 2 days in arrow, I think I should do OK.

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joel said...

What the hell was your wife helping you with on your bike? You never need two people for bike maint...again, what the hell were you doing....and two, is your bike safe to ride?

Torque wrench and round screwy thing?