Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Gone Fishing...

Weight: 221.2
Delta M: -2.4
Mileage: Zero, zip, zilch, nada
June Mileage: 312.4

No ride today, I spent the afternoon procuring various dry goods and sundries. As soon as I get my eight hours in Thursday I’m bolting for the door Fred Flinstone style, throwing Son#1 in the back of my mom’s Prius and the two of us are heading south for St. Louis to blow off some steam with Steve.

Steve hasn’t seen Son#1 since he was two, this is a trip that is long overdue. We’re doing an all day float trip down some river in MO, then camping over night. Both are firsts for Son#1. Saturday we have tentative plans to maybe go to a zoo or do some other sort of functional family horizon broadening type activity for the young’n, but I have a feeling we are just gonna hang out and play with all of Steve’s helicopters and RC cars. I think the kid and I might hit the Gateway to the West on our way out of town, I don't think I've been up there since I was his age. Steve ain’t so hot on hights, I think he's gonna go golfing or something.

There won’t be any bikes, and the diet is pretty much out the window. Although Steve and I are both trying to get our acts together health wise, I think we are taking the weekend off in that department. Every other word out of Steve has been “Smores.” The last thing he wrote was “The weather should hold till at least 11 Friday night, so that gives us pleanty of time for Smores.” If we don't get to make Smores for some reason, I think Steve will actually break down and cry. The young and easily impressionable will be amongst us, so no over indulging in adult beverages this time around. Besides, I made a big enough ass of myself for two or three visits last time I went down there. That was the closest to being hung over as I ever want to get.

Chas is understandably concerned. Son#1 is still her baby boy, and whenever Steve and I get together our maturity level drops exponentially. I’ve got the bar set really high for this trip, as long as the kid gets to smile and laugh a lot and I bring him home without sunburn or a broken bone I will call the trip a success. Stitches, depending number and location, will not be considered a disqualifying offense.

I'm not sure if I'll be posting again before I get back Sunday night.


Johnny said...

The kid and I are totally stoked about this trip. I can't wait to watch him and Steve in action. a good time will be had by all.

Chas said...

A little word of advice. When returning home with a stitched up little boy in one hand, there should be chocolte or a dozen roses in the other. Word is, they have a hypnotizing and calming effect on mamma bears...

Seriously, have loads of fun. I fully expect to hear all about it next week- at the speed of light.

Erik said...

Have fun. I'll be out racing and getting my butt kicked. No excuse. My street is actually inaccessible because of the race. Its not like I can say I can't get there.

I can, however, say, I won't win. I hope to be able to say, I finished.

We'll confab about the race to 200 when you return.

Erik said...

So its Wednesday. How was the trip?

joel said...

yeah, let's hear that Delta M?