Friday, June 13, 2008

Just A Little Bit

Weight: 223.8
Delta M: 0.8
Mileage: 20 (Road Bike)
June Mileage: 155.2

Not much is going on, I took a rest day yesterday. I was still a little stiff today, even after my walk during lunch, so I had planned on just doing an easy 20 miles to loosen up, but then I ran into a few guys from the shop I use to ride with, for a few miles anyway, before they disappeared ahead of me, after dragging me out somewhere I had never been, and not giving me directions back. My dad use to play a game just like that with me when I was little.

They were heading to the same place I was so I decided to see how long I could hang on. They were all “Oh, you’ll be fine, we’ll hold back a little, I gotta race tomorrow...” I finally gave up at mile 3.5. So much for holding back, we were averaging about 21-22. I remember averaging about 19 last time I rode with these guys. Doesn’t sound like much, but it makes a difference to me. Either way it was quite the reality check. I will not make myself fast in 2 weeks, it will be a few months before I am even close to being back to the same level I was in 2006, and maybe close to a year of some pretty disciplined training before I can give these guys a run for their money, but man, it sure would be fun to ride into the shop lot with the pack after a good 30 mile scorcher.

Tomorrow’s ride will hopefully be a bit more subdued, 20 miles up to Kirkland, some breakfast, and 20 miles home.

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