Wednesday, June 11, 2008

I'm Spent

Weight: 224.4
Delta M: -3.2
Mileage: 27.7 (Road Bike)
June Mileage: 135.2

Wow, two days in a row with 3+ lbs weight loss; I’m either doing something really right, or really wrong, although I think that will taper to a more realistic rate in a day or so. Maybe even tonight. I kind of pigged out, it was healthy stuff, but I think I wolfed down about a pound of watermelon and grapes after dinner. My boss came out to my plant today and took me out for lunch, I kept it healthy, but that soup tasted pretty salty. I guess we’ll see how it pans out tomorrow morning.

I rode with a new group today, although I did have to push it they are no where near as hardcore as the group I use to ride with, I didn’t get dropped till about mile 20 or so, as compared to mile 11, or 5 even. I even pulled, 3 times! And they were long pulls too, and I didn’t even blow up. Joel would have been proud. If that keeps up he’ll have to find a new nick name for me. I was doing OK till we hit that hill on Keslinger. It’s not much of a hill, but then again it doesn’t take much to slow this Clydesdale down. When you’re as slow as I am it’s hard to pin point a specific weakness, except hills, it seems like I’m rolling down them backwards as everybody else is preparing to launch into low earth orbit. This group is pretty social, I think I’m gonna stick with them for a while, for now they mesh pretty good with my current fitness level.

I’ve averaged about 27 miles my past 3 rides. I am not sure if it was the effort of trying to keep up with group on top of yesterdays intervals, but I am fried. I’m still queasy again over an hour after I’ve been home. Tomorrow is a rest day. I’ll probably walk an easy 45 minutes or so during lunch to clear out the legs a little, but otherwise I’m relaxing. Twelve hours of sleep sounds better than a new mountain bike right now, well maybe thirteen hours.

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Jafael said...

"Twelve hours of sleep sounds better than a new mountain bike right now, well maybe thirteen hours."

Isn't that... blasphemy?