Monday, June 2, 2008

I'm back! Kind of, well sort of, maybe

In the ideal world, every time you throw your leg over the top tube, you should be heading out for a good time. Sometimes though, when you’re sick, and it’s kind of muggy out, and your liver is obese, a ride is only a way to keep you from being as fat as you were the day before. Today was one of those days. I thought I was getting better, but by mid afternoon I was feeling worse and worse. So bad in fact, that I finally caved to the Warden’s wishes and made a doctors appointment. But I figured if I was healthy enough to mow my lawn yesterday, I was healthy enough to ride today. The weather is suppose to be crappy the rest of the week, and I figured this was probably my last chance to get an outdoor ride in before the monsoons started again or the doctor told me I can’t ride until they can find a viable organ donor and swap out my lungs.

It wasn’t a long ride, or a fast ride, but it was a ride and as long as I kept my heart rate under 160 BPM my body didn’t try to eject my lungs from my chest cavity in a violent, mucus saturated fit.

I’ve decided to start posting my weight and mileage kind of like a cross between what Elden and Jill Homer do. Don’t be expecting their kind of numbers though, especially the kind of mileage Jill puts out. I mean sure it would be nice to just hop on a bike and ride all day with out a care in the world but some of us live in the real world, and in the real world we are approaching middle age and gaining weight by the minute. We completely lack the drive, discipline or determination it takes to get to that level, and are actually bitterly jealous of those who can, so we take mad stabs at their accomplishments when they aren’t looking and can’t defend themselves. Bike the Ididarod? Pffffftttt. Whatever! Who has the time, my kid wants to go see Speedracer?!?!?!

For the record I weighed in at 262.2 burritos on April 7th, when I started this weight loss thing again. I'll probably start new posts with this stuff from here on out. So anyway, here it is:

Weight: 228.6
Delta M: 0
Mileage: 10.4 (42x16 Single Speed)
June Mileage: 10.4

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Erik said...

Right on. Keep it up. I post again on Wednesday. BTW, in pounds instead of grams my real weight was 215. Feel better. Tell the doctor you have to ride. Maybe your doctor will be nice like my doctor. She said, "You go try this 1800 calorie diet, lose some weight, and then we'll do the bloodwork."