Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Meet The Crew Part 4

Weight: 227.6
Delta M: -3.2
Mileage: 31.4 (Road Bike)
June Mileage: 107.5

I headed out this afternoon with the intent to get warmed up, do some intervals and try to knock out at least 30 miles, and I actually did it. Say it with me. JACKASS! I’ve been home for over an hour and my legs still burn, and I’m still suppressing the vomit. Joel had suggested I try something called pyramid intervals, something that involved graduated intervals of efforts then rest, peaking at some point, then working it backwards. It sounded pretty complicated, I always loose track doing regular simple power intervals. I’m pretty good at memorizing useless trivia, but I can’t count for shit. Laugh all you want, I’m not kidding. I took college algebra 4 or 5 times, I think. I don’t count the last one though, the teacher was really hot*, and she was from Cypress, and had this wicked hot accent. I can not be held responsible for not learning a damn thing under those conditions. Plus it was in the afternoon, prime hiking time for me and Kep.

As I’m coming up 23 from Waterman, about mile 22 of my ride, Aaron blows past me, scaring me so bad I almost lost control of my vomit suppression system, which was already operating at about 103% capacity. He offered a wheel, but there was no way in hell I could even try to catch him, let alone keep up with him once I caught him. I could barely hang on his wheel back when I was in shape, on fresh legs.

Aaron is somewhat of an enigma. I’d show you a picture, but the skinny bastard is always moving way too fast to catch on film. Not only does he spell his name really cool, but to quote Joel “Aaron always rides hard, always.” He is in a perpetual good mood. I saw him mad once, but I’m pretty sure he was faking it. He is always busy too, working weird hours, and the only thing I’ve heard him complain about was finding time to ride. But then every time I see him out, he is like 35 miles from home, and heading back, and you guessed, riding hard.

He’d occasionally come out with me and Joel, and that was always a treat. I’d be back trying to draft one of them, and they are doing one legged races in the granny gear. It was like riding with a pair of 5 year olds who just took off their training wheels. Especially Joel, you want to talk asses and elbows, watch a 6’3" man sprinting downhill for all he’s worth, with one leg unclipped, the other pedaling in his lowest gear.

One of my fitness goals is to be able to ride with Aaron next season. I didn’t get to know him quite as well as I did Joel, but I’m sure he’ll be fun to ride with once I can keep up. It won’t be easy, it will take some major off season conditioning and training, and about $2000.00 - $3000.00 to pay Vinny to pull a Tanya Harding on his ass and bust one of his kneecaps somewhere around October.

*But no where near as hot as Chas. If Chas could pick up a Cypress accent, I'd be totally set!


Aaron said...

Wow, I've officially achieved the pinnacle of my life...making it into John's blog, yikes.
Call me if you ever want to ride : )

Johnny said...

That, and the fact that I didn't puke on you yesterday make you the luckiest man this sid of the Mississippi River. Maybe we can ride next week, but dude, if you thought I was slow before...Make sure you ride hard and cash your self out the day before.

joel said...

Now if we could just convert you to the good side....mountain biking.

"asses and elbows"....busted, I knew you were checking me out....Chas, you might want to look into that a little further!