Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Attempted Manslaughter, In the Second degree

Weight: 210ish maybe?
Delta M: NA
Mileage: 42
August Mileage: A couple few hundred I think, so far?

Aaron tried to kill me tonight. OK, maybe not, because I’m sure he could if really felt like it. Well, more like he could on a whim, on a bad day, with a broken foot, but he at least had a little torture in mind for me. I mean look at these before and after pictures I just happened to take today:

While I’m OK in the sunscreen department, I obviously need to address my hydration strategy.

We did a fast (for me) forty down too, and then through Shabonna State park. It was a 40 mile ride and I averaged 19.5 mph. Aaron did some strange things, first off all he had me pull. Most of the guys on the group rides are faster than me, and get fed up and cut in lest I drop their average down a half a mile an hour, or three. Then he did something really bizarre. He pulled alongside me, and actually explained how it would go, 1 minute pulls, fade to the right. That’s never happened before. The group would rather just laugh at you when you screw something up, or just get pissed off and drop you.

I held on as long as I could, towards the end my pulls got slower and slower, and then shorter and shorter. When we got closer to town Aaron pulled up and asked me if I knew where I was, because I had gotten a little turned around in the park, and our normal route back, that I actually knew, had a closed road. When I said yeah, I expected him to take off, but he held back and talked for a bit. That’s 3 weird things!

All told that was by far the hardest ride I’ve been on this season. My average heart rate was 160bpm, so I basically held an 83% effort for 2 hours. My asthma actually flared a little bit on me going over the last hill, an overpass that takes you over 88. I know, that sounds lame, but that is what passes for a hill in these parts. That hasn't happened to me since April, so long in fact, that i haven't brought my inhaler on a ride since I rode that century. According to the little doohickey on Bicycling Magazine's web page I burned 2290 calories. Because he’s lighter than me, by about 50lbs I’m guessing, Aaron only burned like 1700. How weak!

Thanks Aaron

I had a slow weekend on the bike, and Chas and I had our second night out together since February, so I’m kind of scared to step on the scale at this point, I will tomorrow morning, I promise.


Erik said...

Well alright. I too fear the scale and am back on the front lines. Good luck.

Joel said...

I vote that your blog needs a new name....your IWCBNH (or whatever) is a little on the lame side.

My vote is for WSJ's Blog! (wheel sucker john's blog)