Thursday, August 21, 2008

I'm sure i will live to regret it...

Weight: 204.8
Delta M: -1.4
Miles: 0
August Miles: 300

There was no riding today, trainer or otherwise. Maybe it’s the diet, but lately I’ve just been feeling like crap the day after a hard ride. I did walk during lunch, but even that was difficult. I wasn’t exceptionally sore or anything, but I just felt like my tank was completely empty, and every little physical effort left me winded, and made my heart race.

Another thing I noticed is the day after a workout, I can’t get enough water. It’s not a gradual developing thirst either. I’ll be on the phone and mid sentence it hits me that I need water and I can’t wait, I’ll go pound a 20 oz water in one pull. I typically get up around 4AM, and by 9:00AM both yesterday and today, I had had over 2 liters of water, a 12 oz Low Sodium V8, and 16 oz of green tea. I usually have another V8 and 16 oz of tea, plus 60-80 oz of water over the afternoon before I ride. Are there any sport medicine/physiology types who have an explanation for this?

Chas comes back tomorrow, and last I checked she is bringing both boys back. Hopefully they will both be at least 18 years old and financially independent when they come through the door, but I’m guessing one will still be 6 months old and unable to go more than 8.3 seconds without screaming loud enough to shatter the glass of the neighbors bathroom mirror, or throwing up on something. The other will still be 6 years old and unable to go more than 17 seconds without asking me some insane question I have no idea how to answer.

As long as I can remember, if I am ever in a no win situation I just accept my lot in life and start looking for entertainment. On the submarine, you could give me the shittiest most demeaning job on the boat, and as long as I had somebody to crack jokes with, I was fine. Anytime Son#1 asks you why, it’s a no win situation. Any answer you give him just leads to 3 or more questions that just keep branching out to the edges of infinity. He is like a mini Robert Pirsig on steroids or something. On one hand I hate to stifle curiosity, on the other hand I need time to sleep and bathe on occasion. Sarcastic humor delivered with such a poker face and tone that it would scare a casino owner into a coma seems to be the only solution, or at least the only entertaining one

We were at the fireworks this past Independence Day, and happened to get seats on the ground right up front against the pennant saw horse barrier the city had put up. Things were going pretty smooth and then it started:

Son#1: Daddy, what’s that? (pointing to the improvised barrier)

Me: It’s a barrier.

Son#1: Why is it here, what’s it for?

Oh Crap! Cork it fast or you're going to be explaining how light moves as both a particle and a wave to a 6 year old for the next 7 hour!

Me: Fireworks are hot. The barrier keeps us far enough away too keep us from getting hurt. If you have a leg or hand sticking past that barrier when one of those fireworks goes off, it will scorch the muscle right off the bone. *

The key is always the delivery. Smooth and controlled. He who hesitates answers more questions. That comment earned some concerned looks from the other families sitting next us, one of the strongest came from Craig’s mom. Boy, my Mom was sure was proud of the man and father her own Son#1 had grown up to be though.

Can you tell I miss the little guys?

*Yes, I did actually say that to my son.


Chas said...

We'll be home this evening. Have the tylenol ready.

We love and miss you too.

Joel said...

Easy on the mushy stuff....I just had breakfast #2.

Dude, you drink like a swimming pool worth of water in a day. Sodium would help you retain some of that fluid. There is nothing wrong with water weight.