Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Do I want the black chrome or the nickel plated model?

Had a great little recovery spin today, till I got about 2 miles from home, and some drip of smegma and his Hershey squirt buddy decided it would be cool to launch a full bottle of Gatorade or something out their window. It impacted just below my helmet and behind my ear. I’m guessing they were doing around 35mph, and I was doing 7 or 8mph. Either way it was enough to daze me and force me to stop my bike. I almost caught them at Taylor and 4rth, but they saw me coming and ducked down a side street when they realized they would be caught at the light. They then blew a stop sign crossing fourth, after that there was no traffic and straight roads and they were able to pull away. I can’t ride with my glasses so I wasn’t able to get a license number. I suppose I am lucky I didn’t catch them because I would have either gotten my ass beat, or I would be in jail for some sort of assault charge or something. Either way I'm guessing I wouldn't be making the group ride tomorrow.

Oh yeah, for the three cars behind me that saw everything, thanks for stopping to make sure I was OK and offering help. Oh wait, you didn’t. I would like to think I’ll get the opportunity to repay the favor some day, but unfortunately I am a fairly nice person, if I see somebody who looks like they could use a hand, I generally offer it. I imagine that kind of self absorption sure does come in handy sometimes though.

I guess it’s time to start really working on my sprints, and carrying one of these in my jersey pocket.

Sorry, too pissed to try to be entertaining right now, I’ll try to be back to my old self tomorrow. Oh yeah, I weighed in at 211.6 this morning.


Joel said...

M f'ers. Credit given for putting up a chase!

Beat them if you catch them!

Work on some hills too, those have almost been your strongest weakness (hehe).

Johnny said...

I wish you had been there, I would have glady given the beating myslef, but somebody to catch and hold them till I got there would have been great.

I think you could have caught them. I got close till they blew a stop sign crossing 4rth/23. I had to slow down to make sure it was clear.

gabby1 said...

Glad you are okay! Some people are just jerks!

Jafael said...