Wednesday, August 6, 2008


Kind of boring night on the bike tonight, the usual group ride situation, but I think everybody was dragging a little, because I only felt like I was going to exhale an entire lung two or three times. I think I need a rest day. Although some of them were relatively easy rides where I was babying my knee, I haven’t taken a day off the bike in over a week. My legs have been sore to the point where walking is difficult since the race on Sunday. I tried doing some recovery rides, but couldn’t resist trying to keep up with Aaron Monday, and ended up sprinting about 2 miles yesterday trying to catch Smegma and Hershey Squirt yesterday. OK, maybe more like 1 mile, but it felt like 50 miles when I was trying to carry my bike up the porch steps into the house. I had a fun ride last Saturday, and even took some pictures; I’ll get those up some time.
I’m drop dead tired; I’ll get all caught up on the mileage and weight stuff tomorrow. Later taters.


Chas said...

Are you gonna post again sometime this year?

Joel said...

Yeah, no $h!t....this filler crap is lame.

Joel said...

Great update....can't wait to see what tomorrow brings!