Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Should I be wearing a helmet for this?

Weight: 206!
Delta M: -5.6 (But that spans just over a week)
Mileage: NA (Can I count trainer miles?)
August Mileage: Uhhhh…a few more than yesterday technically, I suppose?

I got rained on driving home, but I was determined to get some sort of exercise in, so I finally broke down and pulled the trainer out of the box it has been sitting in since early June. Of course once I got it out and set up, the rain cleared and the sun came out, but now I had a new toy to play with so down to the basement we went.

It’s a Kurt Kinetic fluid resisted trainer with the superwhamodyne fly wheel that weighs damn near as much as I do. I’ve never ridden a trainer before, so I can’t really compare it to other trainers, but it is quiet, and once you get that rear wheel going it does feel like you’re on the road. One thing I noticed is that any rapid/extreme power change makes the wheel skip a bit on the roller, no matter how tight I set the tension. It does kind of point out problems in your pedal stroke though, and kind of forces you to work on pedaling smooth circles instead of mashing squares like I am prone to. Otherwise it seems adequate.

I have it set up down in the basement next to the crotch butchering Aerodyne my first wife rides. All I need is about 7 or 8 feet of coax, than I can watch my football games in peace this year without all the rolling eyes, and get in a decent base this off season.

Oh yeah, it came with a Spinervals DVD. I did the “C” work out, for Sprints and Power. It’s rated at a 9.9 for intensity. I’m all set now. When my new found power leaves you crying in a ditch tomorrow, feebly clutching the quivering twitching jellied muscle mass that use to be your legs Aaron, Brian and Mike, try not to take it too personally. Blame it on the spinervals.

I’m not sure what happened with my weight, I took 3 days off the bike and consumed significant calories and salt, I figured for sure I would be floating around 210-212. I ain’t complaining mind you, just curious.