Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Not all that much going on...

Weight: 208.4
Delta M: 1.8
Mileage: More than it looks like, honest!
August Mileage: Your guess is as good as mine, 250 ish?

How many pockets on your run of the mill, standard issue road jersey? Three.
How many steak tacos do you get at Chipotle? Three.

Hmmmmmmm…Some may claim this is only a coincidence, random chance if you will. Others, may think they smell the beginnings of a conspiracy theory Special Agent Fox Mulder couldn’t come up with on a bad acid trip. I’ll tell you what though, the only thing I smell is grilled chicken, steak, or pork seasoned with absolute pure frick’n genius.

Chas and the kids are out for one last hurrah in Michigan before school starts again for Son#1. I've been tearing the house up looking in all my piles for my emergency stash of singles and fives for armature night this Thursday, but either Chas found it first in a preemptive strike before she left, or I used it on those new cranks and don't remember. They won’t be back till Friday and no matter how much I whine my mother refuses to come out and cook a meal for me, or even wash a load of clothes. Its getting ripe around here. I finished off the balance left on my Chipotle gift card so I won’t doing tacos for a third night in a row tomorrow. Given the ways and means, I think I could live off of strawberries, kiwis, and tacos. Tomorrow though, I have to cook. I fear another Parmesan cheese and spicy mustard sandwich or two may be in my near future

Between a round of spinervals (power intervals) yesterday morning, a good walk during lunch, and a pretty healthy 30 miler yesterday after work, if I had my bike lock on me yesterday evening I would have stopped on the way home, stinky sweaty lycra and all. All that and I tried to do it all over again today. More than one friend suggested I may be pushing it a little, and maybe it would be in my best interest to not let the Warden leave me to my own devices for more than 48 hours at a stretch. After the second warning I sat back and took stock, I felt like shit, water was passing through me like the bandaged man in Catch 22, and my heart was racing at a pretty good clip just sitting in my chair. I opted for a night at home with some tacos and popcorn, and hopefully some Olympic BMX action if I can stay awake that late.

Tomorrow I hope to get up early and do the easier spinerval work out, I think it’s one legged drills and other technique type stuff, just enough to hopefully get the heart rate up a tad for 30 minutes or so before work, then the Wednesday group ride.

So where have I been? I got some good miles in last week, then blew it over the weekend. There were brauts, there were burgers, there were good friends I haven’t hung with since high school, and open flame. There was also a crawl inducing amount of vodka I should never have attempted to drink, obese liver issues or not. Apparently loosing 56 lbs in 4 months drastically alters the amount of alcohol you can process without making a total ass of yourself. Oh well, we all survived.

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