Thursday, August 14, 2008

I got nothing...

Weight: 206.6
Delta M: + .6 (It’s all the muscle that Spinerval workout gave me yesterday)
Mileage: 5 or 6 ish (single speed)
August Mileage: The truth is out there.

Not much going on today. I had a fairly brutal day at the office, violated a couple laws of physics getting home in time to change, hop on the single speed, then go meet the rest of the family to watch Son#1’s first soccer practice of the season.

I took the long way home and cut through downtown, it is already starting to feel like autumn around here. I’m not sure if this is strange, or the previous few years were strange, but I remember the 90’s hanging well into September the last few years. I’m not complaining, just curious. Fall is my favorite season. Of course, with fall comes Mountain Bike fever. So I get to spend the next few months lusting after another bike I cannot afford. Every year right around May I get the itch to go by a crotch rocket. I can never make up my mind which bike I will suffer the summer without, the CBR or the YZF?

Our niece is over watching the Olympics with me. Despite being a 13 year old female, she’s kind of fun to hang out with.

I think I need to slip some more protein in my diet. I have been hungry all frick’n day. I don’t mean pass the chips hungry, I mean I could go for a 16 oz ribeye with a side of sirloin hungry. Rice cakes and apricots just ain’t cutting it today.