Wednesday, August 27, 2008

We HATES deeeze!!!!!!

The family is back, and it’s been chaos since they pulled into the driveway. Son#1 got his shin guards and his first real set of cleats for his third season of soccer. He loves to hang about 3 feet back off the ball, I guess he is more of a “thrill of the chase” kind of guy. Oh well whatever, he is hot, sweaty, tired and happy after a game, as long as that is the case we will keep signing him up. There was also back to school shopping, and his first official grown up bike ride, the 16 mile CornFest Bike Rally. He got his first taste of schwag in the form of a T-Shirt and a water bottle. The kid had a blast. Thanks NCC!!! Then there was back to school shopping, and a couch story straight out of Seinfeld, but we all survived. The Warden had some adventures of her own. Big court case, lots of drama, something to do with abusing authority, you know, the typical absolute power corrupts absolutely type stuff. She looks all sweet and innocent, but there are skeletons in her closet, spring loaded hair triggered skeletons. Son#2 is still pretty much screaming or puking. That boy is all about endurance.

As the title indicates, Son#1 is currently doing battle with his sense of balance. I let the poor little guy enter first grade not being able to ride a bike without training wheels. I’ve been cutting my ride time down this week trying to help this kid stay upright on only two wheels. I should have been doing this all summer. This is proving to be more of an effort than I had originally envisioned, but the Universe seeks balance, and so do we. Progress has been made though and I think we are on the cusp. Until we crest that hill, my training is going to suffer a bit. The little ingrate will probably be dropping me and laughing as I’m spit off the back in two more years. Oh well, listening to him giggle as he almost runs into a tree is worth it.

I once again slipped a little over the weekend, this time on pizza, hotdogs, root beer and taquitos. Next weekend's challenge is a pig roast. For multiple reasons I haven’t weighed myself since my last post, chief among them was the fact I think I may be getting mental about this whole weight loss thing. What can I say, moderation, in anything, is not my cup of tea. I’ll be checking in tomorrow though. I’m guessing I’ll weigh in around 203ish, 205 at the most, spin the wheel, and place your bets.

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Erik said...

Failure, apparently, is an option for me. Bacon makes everything so damn good.