Monday, August 4, 2008

Occluded Front

So there you are, 3 miles from home, dreading tomorrow, because going off the fact that you were so sore from yesterday’s Muddy Buddy race that you could barely walk to the water cooler today, you maybe, make that definitely, should have done a nice easy 2 hour spin in a really low gear. Instead you decide to try to keep up with Aaron, heading into the wind in 96% humidity. You are done; burned sizzled and fried. All the Gatorade, Cytomax, Sport beans or Shotblocks couldn’t get you to turn the crank over one more time. Some might argue for a better rest/ training schedule, better nutrition, or maybe even in the extreme, questionable supplements that are legal over the counter in Tijuana, and they may be right. But do you know what tops of your tank better than any of that? Tornado sirens. Not the first Tuesday of the month at 11:00 AM kind either, they have to be the real kind, the ones that come when the trees lean way over and start dropping limbs.

So I went from praying for a quick painless end to flying through downtown at 37 mph wishing I had a taller gear.

Lessons learned:

1) Don’t go sprinting through a tornado warning ignoring offers of shelter trying to get to your wife and kids because they are not there. They are at the store.

2) Fear of death sweat smells a lot worse than regular old riding too hard in the humidity sweat. Even the dog almost threw up a little in his mouth, and he licks his own ass out of boredom.

More tomorrow folks, sorry, I’m shot. It has been a crazy busy week, I am done for.


gabby1 said...

Glad you and your family were all safe!

Jafael said...

Wow, that's some excitement there!