Tuesday, July 15, 2008

219 WAHOO!!!! Well, at least till tomorrow morning anyway.

Weight: 219.2
Delta M: -2.6
Mileage: 0
July Mileage: 141.7

My Aunt and Uncle came in from Florida, and we all met at a cousins for dinner, so I took a rest day this evening. I think my legs were ready for one anyway. Unfortunately, it was at Genie's house, and she can cook! I did my best to restrain myself, but I think I may have over did it on the chips and salsa. They were some weird organic chip thing, and the salsa was a home made concoction loaded with corn and beans, but a calories is a calorie. The dinner itself wasn't exactly low fat either. Oh yeah, the home made carrot cake did have carrots in it, but it had frosting as well. I managed to stay away from the ice cream, but that was really easy seeing as there wasn't any. All in all, relatively speaking, I was a good boy. If we had met in March, I would have eaten myself sick, but I will be shocked if I am sub 220 again tomorrow.

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durtdemon said...

Congrats!! But I will argue, a calorie is not a calorie.