Tuesday, July 29, 2008


Weight: 213.0
Delta M: -2.8
Mileage: 23
July Mileage: 438.6

I think I may have jacked up my knee pretty good yesterday when I took Son#1 out for frozen custard. I felt a twinge before when I was doing the intervals, but didn’t think any of it. I think the seat is either still to low on the Critterpuller, or too far forward or something because both knees started hurting. It may even be the archaic Biopace chain rings on that tank. Either way on our way home last night I had to take my right leg off the pedal and just let it hang for about a quarter mile or so every so often.

Both knees were hurting again on my ride today. I headed out from the shop with Patty to do an easy spin down to Waterman. As I got warmed up my left knee started feeling better, but the right knee got worse. We hit the end of 23 and I had to ask Patty to stop for a minute. Coming back up things just got progressively worse. Putting too much torque on it hurt, and spinning too fast hurt just as much, so I was kind of screwed. About 5 miles from home I started contemplating the call of shame, but it looked like it was going to start raining on us, and I figured by the time Chas got the kids packed in, and got out to me on the road, in the rain, I could be in the driveway. Thank God for clipless pedals, I ended limping home on the port engine, in a down poor.

This presents a conundrum of sorts. The best thing I can do for my liver is lose weight, to lose weight I need to ride, to ride I think I’m going to need some Ibuprofen. I can’t take Ibuprofen because I have an obese liver. Fat liver or not, I popped some Advil. I also iced it for a while, and consumed every natural anti-inflammatory food we had in the house. I’ll probably take Wednesday of, maybe even Thursday. I have that race on Sunday I have to worry about. I am making good progress on the weight loss, stalling out is not an option.

It wasn’t a total loss, two cool things of interest! We have a retired porn star living up the road a bit, if my local geography knowledge is correct, I think she lives in a trailer park. How classic is that!?!?!?!?! Second, Kathy, an employee at the LBS saw me floundering in the rain on her way home. She essentially stopped her pick up in the middle of a state highway, ignoring all the car horns and single fingered salutes, in the rain, to offer me a ride home. If I wasn’t about a quarter mile from the house I would have jumped into the back of that pick up in a heartbeat! Thank you Kathy.


Jafael said...

This may be heresy, but there are other forms of weight losing exercise beyond bicycles!

Hope you find out what misconfiguration of equipment caused it, though, so you can keep riding.

gabby1 said...

Okay, I agree- the retired porn star living in a trailer park is hilarious!! too bad it's not quite right!

That's just good stuff!

joel said...

Have you tried rubbing some vagisil on it?!?

Seriously though, get fit on your bike (Tobie does it). Talk to Brian V about his knee issues!

Erik said...

I've had problems with my right knee and hamstring since I got the new frame. I'm still working out the fit, although I think I'm close. I also loosened up my cleats grip on my foot so I've got more twisty motion. That said, I don't think I've got everything right just yet.

Preview of my post tonight: I'm down to 210. You are stripping off the weight at a rapid pace. I could throw down the gauntlet and say we race to 200? But if your knee is hosed up, that would be uncool. Would you be on?

Johnny said...

I thought the gauntlet had already been tossed? Either way, I'm down with it, I'm gonna try my hand at swimming tonight.

Erik said...

Well then it is on on on. Sometimes I tend to miss the start time.