Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Tastes like chicken!

Weight: 217.6
Delta M: -1
Mileage: 34.7
July Mileage: 335.6

I know I have professed my love of Ketchup in the past, but I find this goes better with crow. When used in conjunction with a nice balsamic vinegar as a marinade, it can tenderize as well as flavorize. The group ride I thought I would outgrow in about a month has started turning the screws on me. Brian and Mike showing up was not a good sign, and as soon as they started talking about how blown out they were from the century and yesterday’s intervals, I knew I was screwed. Last week I got dropped but there were some minor extenuating circumstances, this week they just straight up put the hammer down, and I am just not at that level yet.

I held on for the most part, but only on because Mike saw me flailing at one point and dropped back to give me a wheel back up to the group. I had slowed down too much on a corner and lost the pack. Then a few miles up the road I almost got dropped off the back but Brian had dropped back to check on me and he cracked the whip on my ass, Joel would have been proud of him, the timing, the delivery, the impact! I shuttled my ass right back on to the nearest wheel right quick!

That was about mile 25 or 27 I think, after that I was just holding on to the closest wheel with all I had left. I remember at one point coming up a shallow hill doing 25, and then the big dogs started dropping off the front and peeling back. The pulls were becoming shorter and shorter. A mile or two out of town they all took off for the final sprint deal. I was already pushing 175 bpm just holding on, but I gave it a try and spike out at 190 then gave up. I checked my average just after I blew up there at the end, it was19.8

I’m not sure if it was the ride, the fact that I maybe wasn’t fully recovered from Sunday, or even the ride with Aaron last night, or just the level of the ride, but I am shot! I’m currently sitting on one of my sons diapers because if I have to pee, I’m not sure I can get up.

It was awesome. You can’t buy good times like that.


Johnny said...

Joel, did you get pissed off at all my crying and sic your minions on me? That ride was painful!

Erik said...

Damn, the weight is sliding off. How did you do that?

Johnny said...

Eat 1500 calories, then ride of 2500. It's not fun, but it is effective. Thermodynamics in action.

Erik said...

Have you read this? BKW, the Lance Feeling

Calories in, calories out baby. I need to lay off the beer.

joel said...

You think that was painful...just wait til your next ride with Aaron! I can still whip your ass from 2 states away.

Erik said...

Response to not post related comment at 41x15:

No,but I wish that I had thought of that. We first tried the trailer when the small one was about 1. She liked the trailer but the helmet, while it fit, caused her to bump her head forward and pushed it over her eyes. She just wasn't tall enough yet.

Now that she's two she's comfortable. She just hates it when I stand up on a hill, cause it causes her to shimmy back and forth.

So, I'll ask around. Somebody must have figured this out already. Also, try searching Dutch bicycle sites. If this picture my wife took in Amsterdam is any indication, the product must already exist in Europe. Seriously, my wife took that pic. Randomly, on the street. It is not out of a catalog.

gabby1 said...

So, I take it this was with the other group? Or am I going to show up Wed. night only to get dropped by my group? I might have to take you up on the intervals! UGH!