Friday, July 11, 2008

How High's the Water Momma?

Weight: 222.8
Delta M: -1.0
Mileage: 30
July Mileage: 88.5

It looks like tomorrow’s pancake ride (I was going to opt for some oatmeal this time) is going to get rained out. Call me a wuss I guess. I mean I don’t mind getting caught out in the occasional thunderstorm on my bike, but that doesn’t mean I’m going to plan a 40 mile ride in the stuff. That’s what weirdo’s do. I’m sure they are fast and skinny though.

Not much worthy of blogging about tonight. I did a 30 miler after work. I was going to do some intervals but I was planning on a long ride early in the morning. Plus this was my first ride in any real significant heat since my bout with heat exhaustion; I wanted to test the waters a bit on that end. I think I would rather have a compound greenstick fracture of my right femur than go through that again

Oh yeah, here is a shot of the storm that kept me in last night-

…and then today I slipped my ride in between some storms this afternoon. I better not hear the farmers complaining about rain this year.

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