Wednesday, July 16, 2008


Weight: 220.2
Delta M: +1
Mileage: 39.2
July Mileage: 180.9

39 miles, that's my longest ride yet this year. I think I came pretty close to bonking. One minute I'm feeling great on fresh legs, then next BAM! I got nothing. I told my legs to go faster, they just weren't having it, and I got dropped at the end. I finished about a quarter mile off the group. I think this stems from the whole eating for weightloss as opposed to eating for performance issue. I think if i had snacked a little more this afternoon, or brought a sport drink on the ride, I might have been able to hold on.

I kind of saw the weight gain coming, but oh well, I did a good job of not going too far overboard. I'm new to this moderation thing, I'll do a little better next time.

I'm beat, and there are some grapes and strawberries in the fridge calling my name, later!

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