Monday, July 28, 2008

Ketchup Part Uhhh...errr...ummmmm-pffft whatever

Two condiments in a row! I hope it isn’t an evil omen with sinister portent. Did I just use portent in a sentence? Did I use it correctly? Am I being redundant, again? My blood sugar must be really low. It has been brought to my attention that I have not posted since last Wednesday. Thank you Warden. She even nags, I mean advises me, in cyberspace. Anyway, here is a quick round up.

Thursday: Not much. I was pretty torn up from Wednesday. I stayed home and played responsible husband and father.

Friday: I tried hooking up with Aaron to see if he’d pull me around town with that fixed gear of his, but he wasn’t having it. Something about a girlfriend, a life, and better things to do than listen to a fat guy wheeze and groan and cry on a Friday night. I don’t blame him. Instead I hooked up with Phil and Brent, two wrenches from the shop. They aren’t your typical wrenches though, they have, or are about to get their Masters in philosophy or something like that. Between the two of them, if you toss in Tobie’s charisma, and Jay’s masters work in bio/chem molecular drug delivery vehicle research, they could all get together and start a halfway decent cult if they had a mind to. Lucky for me they all just hang out at the bike shop waiting for me to show up in a panic to get tire changed or gear shifty thingy adjusted.

So anyway, I headed out for a ride with them. I guess I could have used another rest day, or maybe some more calories, but either way I wasn’t at my best. Not that these two couldn’t drop me in less than a mile if they wanted to but I think with a little more rest and food in me, I could have held out till maybe mile 26 instead of 21, and could have taken some longer pulls. Anyway, it was a fun ride. They finally dropped me right about mile 21, I went home and ended up with 27 for the day. I talked to Brent today and I guess they ended up finishing about 35 miles total after they pulled away from me. Oh yeah, Friday morning I weighed in at 213.8.

Saturday: After Friday’s poor showing, I took a rest day Saturday, kind of. Son#1 and I took off to Libertyville to help a friend move. It wasn’t as bad as it sounds, there were a few of us there to help, and we all had fun watching Son#1 try to carry like 5 times his body weight on and off the truck. He is like a frick’n carpenter ant when it comes to moving. We couldn’t slow him down. I weighed in at 213.8 again.

Sunday: I weighed in at 217.8 lbs!!!!! I did indulge on the food a little Saturday. I had some breakfast burrito thingies, and a donut. After the move I ate a considerable amount of pizza and 2 tall glasses of Sprite. At roughly 3500 calories a pound, that comes to 14000 surplus calories for the day on Saturday. As I was telling Steve, I could almost accept the justice of gaining 4lbs if I had actually consumed 14000 calories worth of pizza and donuts, but seeing as I only had 1 donut, and I’m fairly certain my stomach can't physically hold 13500 calories worth of pop and pizza in one sitting, I don’t see the justice in that kind of weight gain. Chalk it up to sodium or something I guess, I don’t know.

I did a 23 mile spin down to Waterman and back in the morning, ate some lunch, watched a little TV with Son#1, then basically did wind sprints behind my lawn mower for 1 hour and 15 minutes trying to get the lawn done in time for Chas to get a ride in herself. She did a little over 14 miles I think. Not a bad effort on her part, she was huffing when she came up the porch stairs. I have to cap her alloted ride time or before you know it she'll be dropping me too.

Today/Monday: I headed out to do some intervals. I started out strong, but got progressively worse, which I suppose is kind of how it is supposed to work, but it was working a little too good for me. I was just starting the downward side of the pyramid, looking for an excuse to quit when Jay came buy heading the opposite direction. He doubled back and caught me just as I was finishing the first rep. I have never been so glad to have somebody catch me in mid sprint with so little effort on their part. We just talked the rest of the way back up. It wasn’t a max effort on my part, but I definitely came back up faster riding with him than I would have by myself. Jay is good company on a bike.

So after that it was a quick stop at the house, a change of clothes, a change of bikes, a handful of grapes, a fresh bottle of water, than me and Son#1were off on the Critterpuller headed out for his first Ollie’s run. I got us a little lost trying to figure out the safest way there on a hinged tandem pulling a six year old. It was all worth it though. I asked for sprinkles for my kids cone and they gave me a Dixie cup full of them. Son#1 would take a lick of the cone, I would dump more sprinkles on it. I’ve never seen a kid enjoy an ice cream so much. This one is definitely going on my list of all time favorite bike rides. I was a good boy, I only had a couple of sprinkle that got stuck on my finger getting the paper wrapper of the kids ice cream cone. All told I figure I got about 30 miles in. I weighed in at 215.8.


Johnny said...

I tried putting in my little mileage/weight header thing, but Blogspot just ain't having it. Infact, it seems to have it's own opinion on how this post should be formated, becuase no matter how many times I hit delete, or backspace, or enter, the post keeps publishing just like you see it. Sorry, don't know what to tell you.

Jafael said...

Formatting in Blogspot is one of the main reasons I won't blog with it regularly.

Four pounds after pizza sounds pretty par to me, hate to break it to you.

Sounds like a you are doing great, though! You've dropped a lot of weight this summer!

Erik said...

Write and format under the edit html tag.

Sometimes you find yourself stuck inside the tags that are automatically created when you want to be outside of them.