Thursday, July 17, 2008


Weight: 217.8
Delta M: -2.4
Mileage: 13.7 (WEAK!)
July Mileage: 194.6

What can I say, some days you just don’t feel like riding. Maybe it was the heat & humidity, maybe I over did it yesterday, maybe I shouldn’t have walked for my late lunch, from 1-2 this afternoon, but man, I did not feel like riding today. This point was only emphasized as I headed south into the wind for my second interval of the week, dutifully monitoring my heart rate and time to make sure I was good and warmed up, watched the clock turn 15:00 minutes, down shifted, got out of the saddle to start the sprint, looked down, and happen to notice my water bottle holders were empty. I filled them, I know I did, my gloves were still wet from the stupid sink head I need to replace. My first wife (she LOVES it when I use that one) was probably staring at them on the kitchen sink, waiting for the call from the hospital, or the news report on TV, “local biker collapses in heat from dehydration, investigators suspect stupidity, more after The Simpsons.” Hmmmmm…97 degree heat index, and I am getting ready to start intervals with only the water I drank on the drive home…maybe not a good idea…if I passed out in this after last month’s round of heat exhaustion, my Mommy would literally come take my bikes away…going off of how big my bike piles have gotten this summer, and the fact they have migrated to The Warden’s prison bus, Chas would let her, she may even be the one to turn me in…maybe an easy spin, 30 minutes out and back…yeah, that sounds doable..


Chas said...

Hey. I have some tips and pointers for your second wife. Here's the first one:

1. When he says bike, RUN!!

joel said...

Really, Bonehead barely even rides his bike?!?