Sunday, July 13, 2008


Weight: 221.8
Delta M: -1.0
Mileage: 22.5 Saturday/14 Sunday
July Mileage: 125

We had kind of a slow weekend over here. I woke up to thunder and pooring rain Saturday morning. About 20 minutes after I got the call canceling the Pancake Ride, it cleared up, for the most part. Seeing a break in the in the rain on the weather map, I slipped out for a ride in the afternoon and did pyramid intervals down to Waterman. I hate you Joel. I really do. I mean I’m thankful for the riding tips, and the bike maintenance, and all the other cool stuff, but these intervals, they pretty much cancel all that out. I only got rained on a little. On the way back I stopped at the shop and got to show off my cool war wounds to the Saturday crew.

My legs were pretty torn up after the intervals Saturday, and I had to mow the lawn today, so I opted for a quick recovery roll. I did about 14 miles total I think out to Malta and back. I wasn’t paying too much attention to the odometer, I was mainly just out to loosen the legs up a little, I was more concerned with keep my heart rate under 140bpm. It was pretty windy. At one point on the way back, I was doing 31mph and my heart rate was only 122 bpm. I’ve never seen that before.

I’m not sure what is up with my weight. I put the miles in this week, both on my bike and on my feet, and I really didn’t do too bad in the diet department. I’ve had to take on some extra calories eating some yogurt to offset the antibiotics I’ve been taking the past 2 weeks, and I may or may not have eaten about 2 cookies worth of raw cookie dough at my parents' house on Saturday, but none of that can cover the death grip my body seems to have on 220’s the past few weeks. On Saturday morning I weighed in at 220.1, then on Sunday I was back up to 221.8. Maybe I had too much salt or something. This week, I’m going to hit 219 if it kills me, I swear.


Erik said...

If it makes you feel any better, my metabolism has failed to fend off my continued dietary assault on it. My Wednesday update may include a rather significant increase if I can't get a handle on it. Yet I rode 125 miles this weekend! 50 fixed! (25 called off due to lightning) and 75 hard, hilly, and frankly, fast miles. I eschewed social for speed and finished first with one other guy from my team of 66 at the MS. I arrived at the lunch break before lunch did. I got some cross eyed looks because usually I'm the guy hanging with the group and fixing flats and what not. Anyway. Much too long a comment to say we need to set a race to 200, because if this continues, we are back to about equal again. I have no idea what my body is doing to me.

Jafael said...

You could be building muscle. You could also be losing fat from your liver at the moment, rather than in poundage. Also, don't underestimate what antibiotics can do to weight. I know when I'm sick, my body holds it's weight point with a death grip. You could try eating a smaller dinner, and move the calories to lunch instead. It's amazingly effective for me, when I stick to it.

joel said...

I say you stuff your self into an XS skin suit and show up for the Wednesday night group ride!

Johnny said...

And Joel steps from around the corner with a sawed of shotgun, who'da figured? That was classic.

Tomorrow is my last day on the antibiotics, so hopefully that little mess will straighten itself out. Sometimes when I get sick, the weight falls off, some times it clings like saran wrap.

GAME ON! Sprint for the next 200!

joel said...

Would you expect anything else?

Erik, you don't want any of that....John can drop 10 pounds a week if he wants to....seriously, I've seen it first hand!